These trays move on a pair of tubular rails and can be transported to and from the rails by cart or flanged wheel tracks. They are similar in function and utility to “dutch” trays, typically made of aluminum frames, with expanded metal or other bench surface. These are some of the benefits of our design:

  • Custom sizing: There is little or no limit to the size of tray that we can make. We have shipped some trays 9’ x 9’ (square). We can do trays with no side lip, a 1½” lip, or a 3” high side lip.
  • Job size: We can do from 2,000 sq ft on up. We have done jobs that were nearly an acre. Large jobs don't scare us!
  • Cost: This should probably be first, but don’t let the low cost fool you. This is a tough, durable, and versatile bench tray system that will fit the most sophisticated 21st century growing operation. Yours!

Today’s growers need to be super efficient at all aspects of the business. Both rolling benches and movable trays are space savers. In most applications either of these bench concepts yield 18-22% more growing area. Up to 22% more saleable product in the same amount of greenhouse area with the same amount of energy for heating and cooling than stationary benches! However, Benchrunner trays do more than save heat and grow more plants. They also save labor. Put the seeded or newly planted trays in one end of a gutter connected range or ground to ground house – push it to the other end, move it sideways, and bring it back up to the front end again. Move hundreds of dollars worth of plants with ease.

Typical Applications:

  • Grower / retailer: Grow on Benchrunner trays and when you’re ready to retail, roll them onto a cart  and move them out front to your retail location. Sell right from the tray or slide them onto one of Bartlett’s Benchmate or Maine Attraction retail displays. You’ll maximize your growing area, minimize your labor, and combined you’ll have the most profitable season possible                                                                                       
  • Nursery: Need to move your plants from the greenhouse to the field or cold frame? Benchrunner is the way to go. Move trays of up to 100 sq ft in area from the greenhouse to anywhere you need them to go. Nobody makes it easier!                                                                                                                                                               
  • Wholesale Grower: Efficiency is everything in today’s growing world. In addition, efficiency is all about lowering the cost of getting plants out the door. Paying more than you need to for automation and labor savings is not efficient. Getting the most space and highest labor savings you can for each hard-earned dollar is. Our Benchrunner trays can fit any house and will fit any budget. They can be stacked several high and weigh approximately 1 pound per sq ft

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